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We are full of confidence

Winners in many domestic and overseas competitions.

Taekwondo Poomsae
Admission Specialist

100% pass the annual Taekwondo department

Annual overseas demonstration
and cultural experience

Experience various cultures and study in Vancouver through Taekwondo

Taekwondo is

Taekwondo is a Korean traditional martial art.

It has been recognized for its physical defense, attack and mental health through repeated training of hands and feet.

It is one of the core sports in the Olympics.
Currently, 80 million people are trained in 210 countries.

World Vision and Goals

World Taekwondo is a global leadership training center for children, youth and adult trainees and leaders.  We character education provide and leadership education in a systematic curriculum.

Not only for taekwondo education, 
Korean language training is also available.

Anyone who is a World Taekwondo practitioner or parent leader in the world can receive education. 랭리월드태권도

Language Study / Study Abroad

With a network established worldwide, including Canada and Korea. We provide a program that allows you to study in the country you are interested in and continue, education in World Taekwondo.

Homestay / Short-term Study / Long-term Study Programs are available. 


About us

From the standpoint of raising the next generation…

Kim Tae-kwon is an elite Taekwondo instructor.
World Taekwondo academy fosters disciples and has many winning experiences at national and international competitions.

Each year students get into Taekwondo Department of the top schools in Korea. World Taekwondo Academy also produced a national demonstration team.

Since 2007, it began to expand into the world every year. In various countries such as France, the United States, Canada, Japan, and China, more than 100 Taekwondo demonstration activities have been performed.

We opened a second World Taekwondo academy in Langley , Vancouver in Canada, to improve Taekwondo education so that the nature of martial arts education does not collapse.
World Taekwondo academy intends to build a systematic education system by integrating Taekwondo and character education. It also produces the future leaders and black belts with a positive mind. That is our contribution to make a better society.


Yongin University World Taekwondo does not hold "Better than others"
Instead, they teach “Differ from others.”
Exploring Overseas Universities and Homestays
Winners of national and international competitions every year
A small number training and self-defense
Growth pessimism management high rope jump rope acquisition
Infant Taekwondo Program through Play
Cool kicks based on gymnastic function
Etiquette training to cultivate polite character

Traninig Timetable

Meet our Masters

Master Takwon Kim

Graduated Yongin Univ Taekwondo Department
Master degree from Kyunghee Univ
Taekwondo 8dan Dan certificate
Aikido 5dan Dan certificate
Judo 2dan Dan certificate
14-15 World Taekwondo Headquarters Technical Council Deputy Chairman of Research Division.
Won World Taekwondo Headquarters Awards.
Taekwondo Teacher Leadership Certificate
Competition Judge Certificate
Match leader certificate
Self-defense leader certificate
Infant Physical Education Leader Certificate
Personality Leader Certificate
Li Kwon Leadership Certificate

Master Hyejung Yoon

Master degree from Taekwondo, Yongin Univ
Taekwondo 5 dan certificate,
Li-kwon 2nd class
Teacher Certificate
Ranked 3rd in the national competition
Ranked 3rd in the National Taekwondo Competition
Ranked 3rd national competition

Master Kangjae Lee

Graduated Kyunghee Univ Taekwondo Department
Team Captain of Kyunghee univ Taekwondo Poomsae
National Demonstration Team from 2008 to 12
KOICA Colombia Tae Kwon Do the diffusion
Poomsae, Marshall Arts, Trekick Expert

Master Minhyeok Lee

Graduated Nazarene Univ Taekwondo Department
World Disciples No. 1
Demonstration Team for the 3rd Command of South Korea


TAEKWONDO Birthday Parties
1.5 Hour Party – Unlimited Guests – Taekwondo Lesson – Board Breaking
– Instructor Led Games – Invitations – Basic Decorations
– Customize your party by bringing your own cake, goodie bags, utensils, and themed decorations.

Vacation Camp (Summer, Spring, Winter)

Taekwondo-linked overseas camp in preparation for international convention

See Gallery

See Gallery

I am very satisfied with not only Taekwondo but also etiquette education.
2016. 05.25
The program is so good and the facilities are good and the learning is fun all the time HaHa
2016. 05. 18
My son grew up under my sister, so I looked a little weak, so I sent it here. Good manners education .. I think you have a good time. Thank you.
It's so fun to learn and the facilities are so good ~ !! ^^
The facilities are fine and the kids are learning and the program itself is satisfactory.
2016. 11. 16
My son is getting better. I like to see you happy.
2016. 11. 09
I loved seeing you take care of our children.
2016. 10. 26
My child was introspective, brightened because of Taekwondo, I'm so proud my child to tried hard it.
2016. 10. 19
My children have fun learning and just talk about taekwondo every day.
2016. 06. 02


경기도 화성시 병점동 480-2 송곡빌딩 2층   TEL : 031-225-8741

201-20408 DOUGLAS CRESCENT, Langley BC TEL : 778 366 7053