"Taekwondo is an exercise function, physical strength. Improve your self defense and confidence"

  Domestic & overseas demonstration team

JSA Panmunjom (Invited demonstration for 5 consecutive years)

Festival activities such as Byeongjeom, Anhwajung, Dongtan Bango, Yedang High School, Dongtan Central High School, Mae Hallo, Sekyo High School

Beginning in France in 2008, we have conducted Taekwondo demonstration activities and cultural visits to the US, Canada, Japan, and China every year.

  Poomsae Specialty Class

Poomsae teaches a trainee balance, technique, coordination and self-discipline. There are Poomsae competitions nationally and internationally. World Taekwondo runs Poomsae Training Courses

   Competition, Self Defense & Black Belt

The competition, which has been developed as a poomsae practice, attacks and defends with the opponent in an immediate situation, enhancing the body’s sense of reaction and improving self-defense as much as possible.

   Jump Rope & Infant Sports

It’s easy and fun to learn skills through music, and it’s helpful for social development, height size and diet effect through group skipping.

   Marshall Arts Tricking

Marshall Arts Tricking is a movement that combines and applies various martial arts kicks, mechanical gymnastics and twists, various dance moves and expressions of breaking dances.

   Music Taekwon

Fitness, A fitness exercise created by combining music and Taekwondo.
Marshall Fitness, a group exercise that both men and women can do with boxing, dance and self-defense added to Taekwondo movement.

Strength + GX group exercise + lineup is done. Stress Relief / Health Promotion / Diet / Exercise Effect UP

   Character education

Etiquette education to cultivate straight character. Guidance on how to practice filial piety connected with real life helps to establish desirable values.